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El Monte National Little League Opening Day

T-Ball Pirates. - Photo by Mark Peters
T-Ball Pirates. – Photo by Mark Peters

March 12 marked the opening day for the youth of El Monte National Little League (EMNLL). A chance of rain did not deter over 100 little leaguers on more than 20 teams from breaking out their bats and stepping out on the diamond during the opening day of EMNLL to start the three-month league season. The league consists of T-Ballers to Majors.

Parents and volunteers were on the field setting up before 8 a.m. This day takes months of planning for the EMNLL board of directors. Each team from each division was given a booth to man and operate where they had to sell food, candy, hold games, and drinks. This is a way for the league to raise money as well as the individual teams get to keep a portion of the proceeds to support the kids.

Opening day created an upbeat atmosphere where coaches and volunteers did a great job of putting their younger players in the spotlight. Each team, starting with T-Ball, was called up to march in front of the city council and families during the annual parade. This year each player will remember the Little League Pledge: “Win or lose, I will always do my best.”

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