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2013 — The Greatest Year for Your Fitness and Health!

Here are Some Guidelines to Help You to Be the Best that You Can Be!

Another year has passed. Have you done all you can for your fitness and health? Have you procrastinated? Have you said you are going to do the things you know you should? Let’s break out of a rut today by following these simple guidelines for your well being.
1. How much exercise are you getting? The latest research from the various medical boards that keep track of our health needs show that as little as 40 minutes three times a week can maintain a healthy body. This includes cardiovascular workouts like walking, cycling, circuit training, as well as swimming. Couple this with weight training, 8 – 10 exercises like curls, presses, squats, bent rows, leg extensions, hamstring curls, upright rows, and bench presses. This will take care of your muscular needs. One of the neglected areas as a trainer I’ve seen in my clients is lack of flexibility. There are excellent programs for this that include pilates, yoga, and other flexibility exercises that we can show you that will keep you injury free and youthful.
2. What about your nutrition? The holiday season is winding down, time to put away the See’s candy, cookies, and sugary treats that are empty calories that put on weight. Begin 2013 with fruits like bananas, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, oranges and apples. Some of these you can find in the 99Cent Store if you are on a tight budget. Set a goal of losing one pound a week if you are overweight. Coupled with exercise up to 40 minutes a day, the pounds will come off very quickly. Add vegetables like salads, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These will provide the necessary nutrition to retain good health. Water is very important to drink. It is caloric free and won’t put on weight.
3. Your spiritual and mental well being is very important in the year 2013. Do you have a relationship with God? Do you pray? Do you study the Bible and other inspirational material? We are in need of healing in this nation as never before. With the mass shootings and violence in our country we need to return to Godly principles that made this nation truly great. It’s up to you and your family. Will you keep things in a positive light in the year 2013? Don’t watch violent movies or play violent video games that do effect one psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Get out in our beautiful Southern California environment. Take a walk; breathe in the wonderful fresh air. Thank God for your life.
This will be our 45th year as professional fitness trainers, motivators, and leaders in our nation in helping people stay healthy and well. We can be reached at 626-355-8964 or YOU DESERVE HEALTH AND FITNESS. GO FOR IT!
By Harry Sneider

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