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Norma Edith García for Rio Hondo College Trustee

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For the last two terms you have entrusted me to represent El Monte on the Rio Hondo College (RHC) Board of Trustees and I’ve worked hard to fulfill my promise to create a pipeline to college, strengthen college access and student success, and ensure fiscal responsibility. As I respectfully ask for your vote once again, I am proud to share my accomplishments to date as your Trustee.

Creating a College Pipeline:

  • RHC now offers El Monte Union High School District graduates free first year tuition and priority registration.
  • Every El Monte Union High School District graduate is guaranteed admission at RHC, Cal State LA and UC Irvine as part of the “El Monte Pledge.”
  • RHC’s Pathway to Law School program is recognized across California for guiding students from community college to a four-year university and into law school.

Strengthening Access & Student Success:

  • In 2018, RHC offered 64 college courses to 1,363 students at our local El Monte Education Center.
  • In 2018, “Go Rio” provided students with access to public transportation that otherwise would have no means to get to RHC.
  • In May 2018, RHC graduated 1,399 students who earned an estimated 2,001 academic degrees, including 653 degrees for transfer, which guarantee admission to the California State University system. 
  • RHC offers 24 associate degrees that guarantee transfer to California State University system and is recognized as one of the top community colleges in California that transfers underrepresented students to the University of California system.
  • RHC is the only community college in the State to offer the TESLA START Training Program. In May 2018, RHC graduated its first class of TESLA service technicians – all who are now employed with TESLA.

Fiscal Responsibility:

  • RHC is fiscally strong and making significant improvements for our students and campus community. 
  • RHC partnered with the building trades to build a new El Monte Education Center, Book Store, Print Shop, Physical Education Complex, Student Union and Student Services Building, Administration Justice Building and newly renovated Athletic Fields.

As a graduate of El Monte public schools, a community college student and mother of young children attending El Monte public schools, I know first-hand the importance of a college education. I am committed, like the first day I was elected, to make college education a reality for every El Monte student.

Vote Experience! Vote Results! Vote Norma Edith García for the Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees, Area 1.

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