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Cindy Wu for El Monte School Board

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My family has been in El Monte for almost 30 years. Over my 20 year career, I’ve been active in education, business, real estate, and government. I’ve lived the American Dream, and I want our kids to live it too. I have taught 3-5th graders after school programs, a training director, taught language and served on the language board, guest [lectured] at Citrus College and Glendale College, and [been on the] Commission for Disabled Students. I know what education means to our community. I sympathize with kids in our district, many of whom are English learners. My parents immigrated to this country, leaving everything they knew to give their children a better life and a better education. Through perseverance and hard work, I became the first in my family to graduate from college, USC and UCLA, meanwhile also attended Stanford University.  

I am running because I see opportunities our children are missing. Our school district is facing a multi-million dollar deficit, 16 percent of our students are categorized homeless, and the number of mental health issues in our schools is increasing. All of these issues are harming our children’s ability to succeed. We need progressive, innovative candidates to ensure that our kids don’t miss out on the opportunities to fulfill the American Dream.    

Parents and teachers are the backbones of our community. I came here not speaking a word of English, and because of the support I received from my parents and very special teachers, who made me feel like I could succeed no matter the obstacles, I am living the American Dream. I am passionate and I have tools to help move this district forward by continuing the mental health services, provided financial literacy, expand anti-bullying programs, and most importantly raise the bar for our students. Our students deserve better, and the younger they are educated, the easier it will be for them to access higher education. I am a problem solver that is ready to find creative solutions to offset our next year’s budget challenge of millions in [deficit] due to declining student enrollment. I kindly ask you, your neighbor, family and friends to vote for Cindy Wu.

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