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4Heroes4Life and Life after Active Duty Launch “Let’s Join Forces” Campaign to Support Veterans

4Heroes4Life (, the social enterprise dedicated to raise money to aid returning veterans, and Life After Active Duty (LAAD,, a non-profit organization created to help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan reintegrate into their community, have banded together to launch “Let’s Join Forces,” a new fund-raising campaign.
The “Let’s Join Forces” campaign is a new joint initiative to raise much-needed funds to aid returning veterans through sale of the Cord Cruncher tangle-free headphones. The Cord Cruncher is a set of portable headphones wrapped in a stretch latex sleeve to keep them from tangling. The Cord Cruncher is being offered by social enterprise company 4Heroes4Lifem, which is applying a new approach to fund-raising, using commercial business strategies to raise funds to directly support American veterans. The Cord Cruncher is the first product being offered by 4Heroes4Life, and 50 percent of all sales through the “Let’s Join Forces” initiative will go to fund LAAD’s veterans support programs.
“We are partnering with Life After Active Duty as a cause that is directly related to our mission: to aid returning veterans with much-needed services,” said Mark George, founder of 4Heroes4Life. “As social entrepreneurs, we can align our grassroots funding efforts with the cause, giving donors something tangible in exchange for their support. We want our donors to get a great product and understand that their hard-earned dollars go directly to the cause. As we expand our catalog, we expect to forge a lasting relationship with donors and help a lot of veterans along the way.”
LAAD is a non-profit organization that supports veterans returning home from war to help them make a successful transition to civilian life. LAAD has four main focus areas: direct support and training for returning veterans, raising community consciousness through education, providing basic coping skills through their “Silent Wounds” program, and empowering veterans and their families through personal development.
4Heroes4Life’s is a community organization dedicated to raising capital to support programs for our nation’s veteran heroes and their families. 4Heroes4Life markets consumer goods and services and uses the proceeds to fund programs to support homeless veterans, treat wounded and disabled veterans, provide job placement and training, treat PTSD, and offer other veteran services. 4Heroes4Life is committed to partnering with other organizations and social enterprise networks to promote return on community (ROC). In addition to raising money to provide aid for veterans, 4Heroes4Life also serves as an advocate for veterans, working to change public policy to help build a stronger local ecosystem to support veterans.
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