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LA Art Show 2013 – Where art thou

As any aspiring artist would say, any kind of inspiration is definitely key in bringing out the best of your artistic ability. In today’s world with technology at our palms and finger tips, you can virtually find new art pieces in the matter of seconds, right off your cell phone to guide you to creating something amazing. Although, aside from scrambling on the web to gaze at masterpieces measuring in only fractions of the original size from renowned artist, it can never measure up to being up front and personal with an astonishing piece of artwork.
I took a trip over to the LA Art Show this past weekend which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles…and I got to say I was definitely left in awe to say the least of the magnitude of art work in the show. Most art shows in Los Angeles showcase a variety of work within its appropriate time period, but that wasn’t the case at the LA Art show. The exhibit hosted paintings from the historical period to the contemporary and in between.
Time absolutely flew by as I strolled up and down the aisles of the show. I couldn’t keep count of how many galleries were presented at the show, but I’d say I lost count after an hour. Some of the galleries held small demonstrations, some let spectators participate among artists’ with their artwork.
What amazed me the most of the show (aside from the brilliant artwork) was the convenience of being able to walk only a matter of a couple feet in any direction and it would feel as if you were jumping through time, back and forth, and again. There’s nothing more compelling than standing in front of a Matisse, that is so large you can literally appreciate every brush stroke of the painting, turn your head stare at a small showing of Norman Rockwell’s work, walk to your left and check out a whole another gallery with fascinating works of contemporary artist such as Francoise Nielly, and Malcom T. Liepke.
After I left the show exhausted with tired legs, a ton of motivational handouts and an energized drive to paint, I told myself that I have to start attending art shows more frequently. Because when you stand back and take in all that you’d seen and try to mentally digest all that you’ve witnessed, there’s definitely a nostalgic feeling coming into and out of an art show. The need to quench the thirst of artistic inspiration coming in, and the fulfillment of a creative replenishment walking out.
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-Photos by Fernando Lara

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